Work doesn’t scare people like us.

You and me, we’re here to hustle. We put in the time, the effort, and whatever else it takes. We’re going to make this thing work.

But there’s one little problem: This industry doesn’t set us up for success.

I’m here to change that.

Hi, I’m Yasha—
real estate agent, educator,
hype girl.

I teach real estate agents like you how to build a profitable, sustainable business through comprehensive and actionable courses and tell-it-like-it-is personal coaching.

When you work with me, you’ll feel like you’re getting insider knowledge from someone who’s been there—

Because I have been.

I spent years trying to figure out what I wanted to do. After college, I was planning on joining the Navy. Plans changed and I needed to find a job—fast. Real estate kind of fell into my lap.

And the rest? History in the making.

My superpower is helping real estate agents become the best version of themselves by pursuing the kind of life they actually want… one with abundant freedom, joy, and peace.

I’m still working as a top producing agent in Jacksonville, Florida, on top of my work as an educator for new real estate agents. I love the life I’ve built for myself, and I’m here to help you do the exact same thing.


Playing full out always. Shooting for the stars and dreaming BIG!



daily rituals

Are you ready to hear the tea?

Doing things halfway. Go big or go home.

On my Peloton Bike or Roller Skating on the weekends. Skating is my jam. 

Wake up at 4:30 am, drink water, brush teeth, Peloton, Get Dressed for success, drop kids off at school. Ready to work by 8:30am and prospecting by 9 am.

Martina Jordan

“Training with Yasha has changed my life.

All you have to do is implement the tools and training she provides and you will see results. I know I did.”

real estate sales associate

Kiara Washington


“My business has literally doubled by working with Yasha Albright!

Even though business is important, I have developed into a new woman by working with her.”

meet the alumni

Nicky Reese

“I loved Yasha immediately. She was driven and motivated to get me going.

If you're looking for a person to truly help you grow your business quickly, listen to Yasha!”

sales associate





Bridgerton... in love with this show!

a green tea, duh!

We Should All Be Millionaires

Chick-fil-A oreo shake



Mindset Mentor

“There is no question about learning from Yasha. Do it.”


so they say:

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    Stop trying to figure it all out on your own.

    I've been there, done that, and I'm ready to show you the way.

    welcome to the tea party.